Club Information

The New club is going to have three bars with exceptional drinks, great staff on hand to help you and an amazing style that even the queen would be proud to club with us, We also have a completely new layout of the club which is amazing and will be released to you shortly.
The club's interior décor will have a great new sophisticated look to it with all the mod cons you'd expect from a new development with the highlight for me being the new L.E.D. visual screens which they use at massive concerts like Pink Floyd etc
Professional High Quality JBL sound systems in both rooms.


Every night that we run, there is a full team of Registered Door Stewards on hand to ensure the safety of all customers who come to the club. This team includes female door stewards and paramedic standard 1st Aiders.


Well the club all being well will re-open on the 5th of April, which once again i will inform you as developments unfold + look out for all the new flyers and posters which will be surfacing soon!

Get Yourself an Invitation

Obviously when the club re-opens your all gonna want to come, so why not send me or the club your name: e-mail address, D/O/B, and telephone number(optional) so we can send you an invite to the opening weekend,

Bohemia Nightclub
39-41 Torwood Street
United Kingdom

Telephone : 01803 292079
Fax : 01803 211097